Don' t show Shares from WD My Book World Edition


I have one WD My Book World Edition 2 and Public Shares, but my WD TV Live Hub wouldn’t show Network Shares. Ihave done everything downgrade Firmware, bring Hub back to default, looking for Workgroup settings but all these Things are O.K. When i turn on my WD TV Live ( the old one ) I see these Shares from My Book World. What can it be?

Sorry because of my bad english…

Greetings Olli

I have a hub and a my world book, to view the files on my world book just select the media server option insted of the shared option.

It takes all the details from the world books twonky server then, mine works perfect this way.

I don’t use the twonky Server, I think it have to work with networksharing also like the WD TV Live.

Is there no other way to see the NFS Share from my World Book?

Dear Olli

To enable the twonky server you only have to go into the world book menus and tick the enable box, nothing more.

All your files will then be seen by the hub.

The hub doesn’t use NFS.  You’ll need to configure your MBWE to use SAMBA shares.

Do you mean CIFS Shares. There are only 4 Share you can configure (NFS , CIFS, FTP and AFP). All of them are marked. I don’t have more ways to configure.

Do the WD TV Live use NFS?

Yes, CIFS.    None of the WDTV boxes do NFS.

Cifs is marked., but no shares are visible. I have bouhgt another hub but the same issue. I thing its a bug that MBWE doesnt show the shares.

OK the new Firmware fix the Bug. I see the Shares from my MBWE. Its all right now.

Thanks a lot to each other …

Greeting Olli