Don´t Buy WD MyCloud Home

Just posting this as a kind of an advice as I’m totally frustrated with this product. Its almost totally unusable.
This is my Story.
I wanted an External drive with wireless capabilities mainly for Time Machine backup, and cloud storage of my family apple devices (2 iPads and 2 iPhones).
For this I did the terrible mistake of buying this MyCloud Home. I didn´t have much time for reviews on this, but there were somethings that i checked.
Cloud Support for iDevices ok
TimeMachine Backups compatibility ok
USB 3.0 ok

After a 3 days setting things up this is the conclusion.
This is (just) an external drive with a gigabit interface and cloud support - nothing more than that.

  • Time Machine can’t complete first backup and its not possible to hook it up to the USB port for direct backup.
    It is not possible to copy files (if you need) from/to the usb 3.0 port directly from your computer.
    It is not possible to backup your device to an external drive - this is complete insane. You buy a product to centralize your media and files in the cloud (and this works fine) and then… the disaster happens and you lose it all because you can’t connect an external hard disk to make a backup of your precious files!!! Take you money and sign in for dropbox, or something else, you pay but you can rest at night.

I cannot use this!
I´m returning it right away and I’m not buying western digital anymore, this is a greedy product that will leed you to a disaster. Totally disappointed, this is a nice brand and i believe the hardware could be nice at this pricepoint, but it´s a locked product.

Hi s_areal,

You can turn OFF & ON Time Machine Backups then reboot the WD My Cloud Home to create backup again in this concern.`