Domains Used In Links From WDC EMails

This seems to be the most applicable category, since “offtopic” is related to anything NOT related to WD, and all the other categories are about actual WD products.

This issue relates to WD’s site and 3rd party domain usage, server error, and acceptable email addresses, while the title relates to the initial inquiry.

You can see a pattern here where all of the problems are related to the people responsible for the web stuff at WDC.

I’ll start with the last issue, being acceptable email addresses.
I’ll actually start off with the people responsible for this forum since they did things RIGHT in this regard.
The email address I intended to use for the forum was accepted.
Now, the admonishment for the main WDC account… Oh gee, look it appears to be a 3rd-party.
I go to “Account Information” to change my email and get “Email is missing or invalid”, when CLEARLY it is there and valid considering the forum accepted it.

Sadly, you are not the only company to do this. One disallowed it after it was allowed, then corrected it when I brought it to their attention.
Another company broke part of their system with the same kind of change and when brought to their attention, they led me on for 6 months before saying they wouldn’t change it (I doubt they even knew what they broke or how).
A multitude of other companies I told I would not consider or I’d no longer use their service until they fixed the problem.
It’s not hard to follow the RFC and there are plenty of established companies that are in the tech field that do follow the RFC and mitigate any security risk with implementations that were set a long time ago.

Next we’ll go to server errors where I get

A system error was encountered during your request. If you need to contact us, please make sure to report the error number below to us.

Error number: 29315493

Doing a search for this, and it’s not all that uncommon. Mind you the search results likely do not entail those people who encounter the same issue be just give up. Surely a permanent fix can be done.
Also in that same message are 2 links to the same page, one for contacting via email and another by phone, yet there was NO phone number on that page, nor was there any email address, the nearest link being “Ask a Question” which was the same form that caused that error.
Seriously people?

Finally, the original issue I came about is regarding the usage of 3rd parties and not listing them on your site so customers can be aware of who is valid and who may be phishing.
So, the question is, what domains are used in links embedded in emails sent by WDC?

I’m only interested in responses from WDC employees who are knowledgeable on these issues and are the only ones who can take corrective action.

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