Domain users shared folder issue & remote VPN site issue

we have a new WD mycloud Ex4100 device and I setup the basic portion. I join the device to the active directory with name like ( & got my active directory users but regarding groups not all groups are coming. I set share permissions for domain users and same to the AD groups to which they are members but then I found there are some AD groups missing which are dependent on already present AD groups due to which the shared folders are not coming under specific domain users. I try to disjoin and join the domain too but no success. The shared folders are working normally with the WD built in users, only have issue with domain users. Secondly, we have two sites connected through VPN. I want to add users of my both sites to work on the backup device but I found there is some security from WD that does not allow VPN. Is there a way we can connect our remote VPN site to WD device. Local site is working normally.

Hi there, actually I have not given this a try. But let’s see if another user can share some information that may be helpful to you.

should wd mycloud Ex4100 allow domain like ( & also VPN is supported or not in my scenario, if not then what will be alternative solution