Domain Users Cannot view Shares after a re-Join into Domain

this is the case

We change the domain server and his ip

So I must change the domain information in Workgroup area

After that nobody can see the shares done before

My solution is

1 edit  manually smb.conf and change securty = ads into security = share after that restart the samba deamon

2 come back to smb.conf and put securty = user and restart the Wd

When the system comes up security was putted automatically to ads and  everything comes back

Hope this helps

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Thanks for sharing, dude! :smiley:

I quote myself only to add some tips

  1. if you change smb.conf the daemon accept changes without reboot the system after few secodns

  2. I t can be a misunderstanding between local an domain users if they have the same username

I noticed that in these situations the ACL’s are apllied sometimes to the local user and sometimes to the domain user…

Another thing

If You change form domain to workgroup and viceversa You must force ACL’s Once more with 

chmod 777 ./ -R

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Please help. Thank you.