Domain problem


I installed a Windows 2008 R2 server with a personal DNS.

Out on the bridge, it is impossible to detect my domain despite the IP @ filled area.

OK Connection Test

I only found WORKGROUP and not domain

How can it detect my personal domain?

It won’t.  These things are not domain-aware.

Although it can’t join to a domain,  it can still see servers on domain controller as long as it is on the same subnet.    This device can’t traverse subnets though.

 Just put your domain in the workgroup field.

Then browse to folders and use your domain username  DOMAIN\username followed by the password.

Techflaws, thanks for the reply/forward.  My WDTV is on the same subnet of the file servers and just spins when trying to contact Windows shares.  We have a very stable network and domain and our DFS/Namespace works great.  Is there something else that has to be done to the windows file server shares that will allow this to work?