Dolby True HD MKV's streamed over network to Live Hub issue

I’m having an issue streaming mkv’s hat contain a Dolby True HD track.  Any mkv i have that merely contains a Dolby True HD track will not stream correctly over my gigabit network from either my unraid server or my Windows Vista machine.  The file will play for a few seconds and then stutter non-stop.  The same files play perfectly if saved onto the internal hard drive.

This isn’t a network speed issue as the same movie in m2ts format streams fine.  In addition, much higher bit rate mkv’s that contain a DTS MA or uncompressed raw LPCM sound track stream fine (even if the Hub extracts the core or converts LPCM to stereo). 

One example is Four Christmases.  It is a small mkv comparatively (12.9gb) that won’t stream right while the slightly larger m2ts file will.  Saving Private Ryan however is an almost 40gb mkv and streams fine, but it does not contain a Dolby True HD track.

These files stream perfectly to my Dune D1.  The issue appears to be the WDTV Live Hub not being able to play mkv’s streamed to it that contain a Dolby True HD track.  It plays other streamed mkv’s that don’t contain a Dolby True HD track perfectly even if they are much higher bit rates (and contain other high res audio codecs).  It also plays the same content in an m2ts file fine.  The file itself is ok because it plays fine when saved on the internal hard drive.

So I believe the problems is neither network related or an issue with the files themselves given the same movie streams fine in a different container, much higher bit rate mkv’s stream fine and the files themselves play fine when saved on the internal drive.

Has anyone else ripped a bluray containing a Dolby True HD track into mkv and been successful at streaming it over the network?

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I’m having same issue. Mkv with dolbytruehd audio causes the playback to stutter making it impossible to watch. Live hub playing the file from otherwise cooperative network share. To tell u the truth buddy with hub has already given up on the machine cause it won’t decode TRUEHD and won’t let him pick between LPCM and bitstream. No patience, I says wait for firmware, he says HTPC.

Thanks.  I was worried I was alone with this problem.

Has anyone on this board been able to stream an mkv file with Dolby True HD to the Hub without issues?

I think TrueHD is only supported within M2TS containers.

Dolby True HD mkv’s play fine though when saved on the internal drive.  It is only when they are streamed that the problem arises so I think Dolby True HD is supported in mkv. 

Is there a link to where WD states what is supported in different containers?  At the very least, it should still play the file if it has a Dolby Digital track as well.  Just the presence of Dolby True HD in the mkv track makes the WD unable to play it if streamed but it plays fine if saved on the internal hard drive.