Dolby Dynamic Range doesn't work


I’ve made a test of all four options and I’am afraid it does’nt work. I don’t hear any difference enabling any of them. Watching movies at night I still can’t hear dialogues well. Is there any chance to fix this problem? It is really annoying. I don’t want to sell my media player because I think it’s the best media player in the market but I want to delight in watching movies as I did it using my old media player Xtreamer Sidewinder. I hope you will fix it. I’m waiting for any answer.

Best regards


I don’t have an answer but I have been going through the same problem with the WD-SMP.  I connect my WD-SMP to my A/V receiver via HDMI and have to max out the center channel volume.  The SMP seems to be sending a weak center channel signal.  I have the WD-SMP dynamic range set to ‘none’ thinking that it will send an unprocessed signal to my A/V receiver and I can use its dynamic range settings to process the signals.

I don’t have to increase the center channel volume for other devices that are connected to my A/v receiver (like cable set-top box, etc).  When I use these other devices I have to go into my A/V receiver’s settings to back off the center channel setting.