Dolby Digital signal on HDMI

Hello, I’m a new user of the WD TV Live Media Player. I had contact with the German Support Team of WD but they coundn’t help. The WD TV is connected with a HDMI cable to the TV and with an optical cable to the AVR. Between the TV and the AVR is a digital coaxial cable. By using the optical cable input signal is ok but I have problems with synconisation. If I choice the digital signal from the tv the syncronisation works fine but Dolby Digital was only 2 Channel PCM (source is 5.1 - DTS all ok). And now the curious thing, if the Dolby Digital track is second, after a DTS track my AVR gets a 5.1 signal from the TV. I tried muxing a video that contains multiple audio tracks, if i choice video track, DTS track, AC3 track - all works fine - video track and AC3 track only - the signal is 2.0 PCM :frowning: Know anybody what to do, not every source has an DTS track, that can be muxed into the video file… Thx, dle80 PS. TV is ok, sat receiver is connected with HDMI too and the digital signal to the AVR works fine every time.

Well, I’m not *exactly* clear on what you’re saying (might be a language barrier here) but I can pass through AC3 or DTS 5.1 signals just fine, even if they are the only audio tracks, at 5.1 through BOTH the optical as well as HDMI, as long as the Live is set to “digital” and not “stereo” output.

This might be a receiver or monitor problem and not a Live problem – some receivers do not decode 5.1 coming through HDMI, and some receivers do not properly handle AC3 and/or DTS.  But I also might not be understanding your problem.

The Live is set to “digital”. I don’t understand the problem by myself, because I have an old WD TV (1. Gen) that works fine. DTS and AC3 came through the HDMI cable to the TV and from there to the Receiver. The Live passes the DTS all the time through, but the AC3 tracks only when it’s muxed to 2nd stream after an DTS track. As example: a blu ray rip with a video track and 2 audio tracks: I mux video track, DTS track, AC3 track -> all works fine I mux video track, AC3 track -> 2.0 PCM I have changed the WD Live by the shop I bought it, try different firmware versions, another HDMI cable - I don’t understand what the problem is. The AV receiver works fine all the time - therefor I mentioned the sat receiver that is connected by a HDMI cable to the TV too. Thx Dennis

What container type are you using?  I strictly use MKV, but (as I said) it works fine for me with one video track and an AC3 audio track (working meaning my receiver correctly receives and decodes AC3 5.1 Audio) created from my blu-ray discs.

I tried m2ts and ts containers and yesterday I tried an iso file created from a DVD - the same problem. The 1st. gen WDTV plays it correctly, but the videos from a blu ray jerk (?) on the old one. Is your Live directly connected with the AV receiver? Thx Dennis

Yes, my Live(s) are directly connected to my receivers, via HDMI only.

You might want to try the MKV container just to see.

A lot of the new receivers have what you call HDMI pass through it puts the whole signal straight through  the HDMI to the TV bypassing the receiver donno why they did this dut who know what they were thinking at the time if you hook up the optical audio to your receiver to the same input e.g dvd ,video1 etc as you hdmi input you should be able to get the dolby  make sure you tv live is set to digital

WD TV - HDMI - Amplifiers = PCM

The AVR is an older one without HDMI connectors. There are two possibilities to connect for me. Connect the Live direct with an optical cable -> perfect sound but not lip sync. Connect the Live with HDMI to the TV and from there with a coaxial cable to the AVR -> works with sat receiver and WD TV (1st Gen.) but not with the LIVE. The Live is set to digital, otherwise the DTS signal is send as PCM too and the AC3 works in the spacial cases - first audio track is DTS… Last night I tried a MKV container, same problem. Thanks for your input, Dennis