Dolby and DTS Audio features supported video file formats

Hey guys, Does this support Video files with audio in Dolby/DTS formats for all files types like : .VOB , .MKV ,.MP4 …and does it have any file size limitations. Because, Either the player couldnt do that now or I messed up my connection… Primarily interested in knowing about the Video playabakc with DTS/DOLBY features and also the kbps for audio…like greater than 192 or 256 or 320 Kbps… Please let me know. Thanks for your time. Rockie.

Howdy, Rockie!

DTS Support in VOB:  Yes.  MKV:  Yes.   MP4:  Not sure, but I think so.   

No file size limitations that I know of…  Some of my files are 20 Gigabytes or larger.

Not sure about the Bitrate restrictions.

Note:  DTS-HD MA is NOT supported.