Doesn't play Video_TS

When I play a DVD - media player doesn’t work properly. 

I try to play by clicking on the VIDEO_TS map - it doesn’t play but shows:





When I click on VTS_01_1 it plays but stops and then I have to click on VTS_01_2 and so on. 

Is there a way to solve this?

Do you have all the IFO files in that same folder?


I guess you pressed the OK button on the VIDEO_TS folder.

What you should do is press the play/pause button. That will start the DVD instead of the folder itself.



Yeah; I have two IFO files:



Both are in the folder VIDEO_TS.

I have AUDIO_TS and a VIDEO_TS. AUDIO_TS is empty.

Are you using:

   Internal HD,  USB HD, or NETWORK SHARES?

   Note: Media Servers do NOT support DVD playback.

Make it to a *.iso file and play the movie…

  1. Download and install ImgBurn (Free Ware)
  2. Create an empty AUDIO_TS folder in the same place where the VIDEO_TS folder is located
  3. Launch ImgBurn and select Mode -> Build.
  4. Select Output -> Device to burn straight to DVD (or Output -> Image File to make an ISO image)
  5. Select File -> Browse for a folder… and choose the folder where VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS directories are located
  6. Select File -> Calculate (or the big calculator button, bottom right)
  7. Select File -> Write (or the folder -> disc buton, botom left) to burn your DVD or ISO image

I am playing from my NAS. So when playing from my NAS DVD playback is not supported? I play from my NAS because getting files on the WD TV Live Hub takes quite some time. 

I need to make ISO files to play DVD from my NAS then? 

NAS can mean two different things, and it depends on what you select you when you do the CONTENT SOURCE.



Media Servers do not support ISOs or VIDEO_TS structures, but DO support VOBs.

I have a Western Digital My Book Live 2TB NAS.

When I selected the content  source on my WD TV Live Hub I used media server. 

I see there is an option to choose network share. That would solve the problem What’s the difference between the both? 

You don’t have to create an iso file to play VOB files from a VIDEO_TS folder. Just press the play/pause button.

However there is another issue which makes the making of an iso file neccecary.

I can view the movie in the VIDEO_TS folder but if i press the stop button to go back up 1 folder with the intention the select another folder to view the WD TV Live hub reboots and at that point looses the network share, and not finding them ever again.

Strange thing is for my WD TV Live Hub mediaplayer to find my servers networkshare i have to boot my own PC…

My Server is a different machine btw and not the pc i use. All my media is on the server, i also use this to view movies on my pc or listen to music. The network shares from my server are not found by the WD TV Live Hub on it’s own.

After i boot my own PC and disable the firewall it will find the servers network share and i then i can log onto the server with the mediaplayer.

I’d suggest to add something in the network settings to be able to manually add my networkshares via IP adress for easier access and so i do not have to boot my personal computer just to let the mediaplayer find the servers shares.

I played it with IFO files. It works fine. do not select individual _TS files.

Just play VIDEO_TS.IFO?

By individual files you mean:



… on the HUB, if you are playing a VIDEO_TS Rip from a NETWORK SHARE, you won’t ever see the VOBs/IFOs in the menu.

You’ll not even see the VIDEO_TS folder.   You will see the name of the parent folder.

So if you have something like this:

Star Trek


        - VIDEO_TS

            -  (files)

You’ll just see STAR TREK.

What’s the difference between a network share and a media server? 

I choose network share to connect to my NAS - but I still see a VIDEO_TS - within this folder there 8 .VOB-files. I can play them - don’t know if  I have to start each files seperately. 

Media Server uses DLNA protocol to talk to a MEDIA SERVER (like Twonky, TVersity, etc.)   The media server running on the remote device has 100% control of what files the WD can see or play.

Network Shares uses SMB/CIFS to get access to ALL FILES on the shared volume, and the WD makes its own decisions what to do with those files.

If you have MEDIA LIBRARY turned on, you should never see a VIDEO_TS folder or anything inside it; the Hub will recognize that it’s a full DVD and will present it as such.