Doesn't delete private share when users are deleted

I just installed my Mybook World Edition II 2 TB with firmare 01.01.16 and MioNet on a Macbook Pro i7.

The basics work fine: I can see the server in finder with “public” and “download folders.” Registered a user M or Mionet services which created the same “M” user in WD web admin but without “AFP” services checked. When I later added a new user, B, via the web admin, I could see the AFP is checked and a new folder is visible in the finder with the username - B.

The problem is – I want a private share for M, the mionet created user but looks like I can’t because there is not option to create a private share space once a user is created. So I deleted the user, M, and recreated again. This time, the user was created but an error was thrown that, “private share” already exists.

True. There’s a bug in the system that doesn’t delete private user shares when users are deleted. Page 68 of userguide says that we can “delete a usershare.”

So next, I ssh’ed as admin and I can see the directory for user M with the following permissions:

drwxrwxr-x    2 root     jewab

I’m comfortable with the basics of unix but it seems like the console I’m working on WD is a stripped down version (nothing works, not even “su” command).

How do I delete a private share?


As far as I can understand, the My Book WE software is intentionally designed in such a way that the user share is not deleted when you remove a user as a data loss prevention method.

You can however remove the private share through the web based admin tools by going to ‘Folder Shares’ on the ‘Basic Mode’ homepage. This will bring up a list of folders including ‘Download’ and 'Public; which are default folders and cannot be removed, you should also see the folder that was created when you made the user. Simply click on the delete icon to the right hand side of the folder you want to remove (symbol is a white page with a red cross) and it should be removed. :smileyvery-happy:

thanks a bunch OCAC2012!!