Doesn't Copy Everything

I recently tried to upload all my pictures into my cloud using external to external (not through network) direct connection.  It’s about 63.4 G’s and it froze up the application so I decided to move every individual folder into it, it’s about 7 main folders with subfolders inside.  When I downloaded, there were multiple times where an error would say "Did not transfer “name of” correctly…I haven’t had the problem with pictures just .MOV.

Also, when I looked into some of the folders, NONE of the pictures had been transferred.  It never gave me a warming about any pictures.  This has happened in not just one folder but many different folders

Has anyone else had this type of problem?

What can I do to fix it to make sure that all of my files are being transferred.  Is there a way to see how many files are in each folder so I can verify everything transferred?


For the purpose of isolating the issue at hand, what exact procedure is the one you use in order to initiate a file copy process? What are the names of the applications involved in the process?