Does WDTV live support external audio track?

in user manual:

“Audio Channel Selection
Use this option to select the audio language used in the video playback. This option is
only available if the current video has more than one audio track. Make sure the audio
tracks are located in the same folder as the current video.”

It seems WDTV live supprt external audio I put a .mkv movie and it’s external audio track .ac3 file to the same folder,but I can’t select the external audio.Why?

my external audio track .ac3 file is dolby digital 5.1.

just mux the extra ac3 audio in and create a new mkv file…

use mmg (mkvtoolnix)…<10 min job…

of course I can murge the .mkv and it’s external audio track.I can convert rmvb to avi ,I can convert BDISO to REMUX or BDrip,I can convert PGS subtitle to srt too.

I just want to konw whether it support or not support external audio track.

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