Does WD turn off the virtual CD function on the latest 8TB My Book?

Does anybody else has the missing virtual CD issue on WD external disk? I just purchased one 8TB My Book(WDBBGB0080HBK-NA) a few days ago. There is no virtual CD showing up at all after many kinds of trying. I tried reset password and reinstalled APPs on 3 laptops with windows7, windows10 and Mac OS. No one works. I have to install the WD software in each computer in order to get connection to the disk. I called customer service this morning. The unbelievable answer was this virtual CD feature had been turned off on all the latest WD disk with password protection including My Book, My Passport and My Passport Ultra. I can’t really believe it since I got one 4TB My Passport at the end of last year. This 4TB My Passport was ok with the virtual CD function. I own more than 8 WD USB disks just because the virtual CD function was easy to use. I guess I am going to return this 8TB if virtual CD function is really turned off by WD.


I’m not sure what happened to the virtual CD. I had it initially and for several months for WD Smartware and then it disappeared. I think with WD Discovery. I only used it with Password, and I gave that up anyway. I get along with WD Drive Utilities and WD Security accessed through Desktop Shortcut or WD Discovery.