Does WD Sync Software for Windows sync data automaticly or manually?


the question is as above: Does WD Sync for Windows sync data automaticly or manually? Ok, automaticly should be default feature I suppose. But I would need to force the sync process manually when I need it.
Is that possible? Maybe via the settings in the WD Sync Software or in Windows by preventing the WD Sync Software to auto-start on Windows reboot?


You can pause and resume the WD Sync from the bottom right side on system tray in windows computer to make the WD Sync work manually for you.

You can refer the below mentioned screenshot to find out how to “Pause Syncing” on WD Sync Application on windows computer.

If you are using Mac Computer then in the Top menu bar of your Mac you need to left click on the WD Sync icon and left click on “Pause Syncing” to manually use the WD Sync.

This is the only work around I can find so far to make the WD Sync to sync the data manually (by pausing and resuming the Sync process).

yes, but how long will it be paused? Till the next reboot I suppose?

and why have you red-marked “MyCloud is missing” in your screenshot?