Does WD Support ever help on these Forums?

Fairly new to WD Live and this site.  Nice product, like it a lot.

I notice a LOT of people chasing problems here, just like me.

I never see or maybe don’t recognize any response or help from WD tech support.

Anyone know if they ever read any of the stuff customers are dealing with?

Many vendor customer forums are used by the vendor tech support folks to actually help customers.

Also, many vendors just leave it up to customers to help each other, which is a shame.

Not sure where WD are on this.  Maybe they’ll read this and respond.

This is a community forum.

WD does monitor them, and occasionally comment on issues, but it’s rare.

WD’s OFFICIAL Tech Support outlet is still via Telephone and the Tech Support website.

Yes but the WD E-mail Support Team also guides for technical / Issues  help back to exactly this Forum if you write to them.

I myself had to complain 2 times to now have my Problems being really forwarded “inside WD’s 2nd Level ( Developers ) Team”. That was a bit confusing to be honest.

I also wonder about that theres not much Feedback.

If you say they monitor it its oki.


Its good to have it of course. Many companys do not even offer any Community.