Does WD Smart Ware Continuous Backup also when SW is not actively opened on desktop?


My wish is that WD Smart Ware would continuously monitor those files I have chosen for continuous backup.

But my question is:

Do I have to open WD Smart Ware at my laptop desk each and every time when I use my laptop to create new files or while I edit already existing files?

Or is  Wd Smart Ware really so smart that when I once have chosen files for continuous backup

Smart Ware really monitors them although the very program Wd Smart Ware might no be opened on my desktop for weeks?

Thank You Fellow Wd Customers and Advisors!

Open up SmartWare, click on the Help tab, then the Backup button and read the information provided.

You can check out the User Manual too. See, Backing up Files.

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cat0w (USA)