Does WD sell enclosures? Removed HDD from enclosure, need another one!

HDD: 1TB My Book Essential - Western Digital WD10EADS

Issue: I removed this HDD from it’s external enclosure because the USB connection broke. When connecting the drive to several other computers via a SATA/USB cable AND another enclosure, the drive doesn’t appear in My Computer.  However, the computer makes the ‘USB Connection’ sound and shows the ‘installing drivers’ window, and then says ‘Your device is ready’.  Yet the HDD doesn’t show in My Computer.

I did some digging and found information about the My Book drives being factory encrypted using an Initio controller in the WD enclosure, meaning I need the same WD enclosure to decrypt the data and get the drive to work again.  But I threw away the old enclosure!!!

Can anyone provide any additional insight?  Does WD sell enclosures without the drives or an official SATA/USB cable witht he proper firmware to decrypt data?

They don’t sell the enclosures or the boards.