Does WD Security Utility Leave Any Info on Host Computer? (My Passport Ultra)

I do not plan to use any of the automatic backup software and I only intend to use the WD Security utility to take advantage of the 256-bit hardware encryption on the My Passport Ultra.

  • When using the My Passport Ultra as a password protected device, does it leave any information behind on the host computer?
  • Does the WD security utility install to my computer, or to the external hard drive, or to both?
  • Does it store my password on the computer or on the external hard drive?

Hi there, the drive will leave information if that information is copied to the computer, but other that this it wont leave information on the host computer. the software is installed on the computer and this will enable the password protection on the drive. The password is stored on the drive but there is an option on the software that will actually let the drive be unlocked automatically when you connect the drive to a specific computer.

I hope this information helps you out.

So from what I understand, I need to install WD Security to my computer to enable my external hard drive to become password protected. 

Once my external drive is password protected, can I uninstall WD security from my computer and still use my external hard drive as a password protected device?