Does WD safeguard data on drive when sending back MBL under warranty?

My MBL bricked and now has a permanent amber LED.  I have the repleacement from the RMA request already.  But, before I send back the original unit, does WD guarantee that the data on the drive will not be stolen or otherwise compromised?  I cannot access it now to erase it, and some I the files I have stored have sensitive information.  How safe is it to return it, even under warranty?  Perhaps I am better off to eat the cost of this purchase; that will be cheaper than haven a stolen identity or bank acocounts accessed.

Any thoughts??

That is a good question. Human nature is to be curious. If my MyBook Live ever did pap-out, even though it is covered under warranty, I have asked myself on a number of occasions if I would wish to send it back if it fails.

Bill_S explained in a post somewhere how WD handles RMAd disks…

I’ve missed that post. I would guess that once the drive is cracked opened it is simply has another image dumped over what’s there after a DoD wipe is performed?

Here it is…

While the context of this post was HDDs, I would assume they do the same thing for HDDs inside NAS products.

 . . . and that reminds me to create a SafePoint back-up to my LaCie NAS which I since discovered that it maybe a simple NAS, but it’s also good as a USB print server.  DOH!

OOps, I guess I didn’t paste the link.

Sorry to be a bother Tony, but that link doesn’t seem to explain how WD handles the data on the disk during their process to refurbish the drive.   Maybe I am missing something though.

No doubt!   I’m pasting bad links!  

Sorry to be confusing.

Try this: