Does WD Photos Ignore Orientation Flag?

Just purchased a My Book Live the other day and loaded it up with all our photos. Something I am noticing after only a small amount of usage of the WD Photos (and WD 2go) app (for iPad) is that it seems to ignore the orientation flag on the JPEG photos. All photos open on the app in landscape view even if they were vertically taken. On the PC, the photos appear with the correct orientation, but not on the app. What is going on, is there a setting I am missing. Do I need to wait until all the media indexing is completed (we have over 69,000 photos), or is this just what is to be expected?

I figured out what the issue is. I am still using Microsoft Digital Image Suite. When importing the photos in to DIS, the box is checked to have DIS automatically correct the orientation. It seems that when DIS does the orientation correction is messes with the orientation flag in the meta data. I did a test and imported some photos without that option checked and the photos look fine in WD2go. WD Photo seems to be taking a long time to show the photos, so I can’t verify if it is in that app.

Anyone know how long it will take the MyBookLive to scan 69,000+ photos and have them all viewable in WD Photo? Whenever I go in to WD photo I get error message about “file does not exist” and the folders are not showing like they are actually laid out in Shared Photos.