Does WD My Passport automatically back up browser bookmarks?


I got a WD My Passport 1TB drive a few months ago, and I’m glad i did. 

My computer crashed, and I’m still in the process of trying to get it to work again. 

But, I have one big question…is the software in the Passport set to automatically back up browser bookmarks?

I have (had?) Google Chrome as my browser, and would create bookmarks for jobs i wanted to apply for (I’m a freelancer). 

While it’s technically still possible to go through my reader and find some of the jobs I bookmarked, that would be a big pain in the backside. 

if my bookmarks were automatically backed up, where could I find them?




Backing up the bookmarks will depend on the extension of the files and they will need to be saved as a favorite in the browser that you are using.

Thread moved to WD Software as it deals with WD SmartWare features that are independent of physical WD products.


Could anyone tell me how to do this with Firefox? I exported an html bookmark file to My Passport. But I don’t think it will back it up more than once. I would like for SmartWare to do the backup for me, without me having to manually do it.