Does WD My Cloud work with Wi-Fi direct on my TV?

Hi all,

I have a Samsung TV and it has Wi-Fi direct, is the WD My Cloud device compatible with Wi-Fi direct? I want to stream video and audio from the HDD to my TV, but I’m not certain if this WD My Cloud is compatible. 

Please help and thanks in advance.

The My Cloud isn’t wifi at all.

Don’t get confused with the Wi-Fi direct feature. It’s to stream wirelessly from your mobile device to your TV e.g. Samsung’s AllShare Cast a.k.a screen mirroring or directly exchange data within mobile devices without AP.

WDMyCloud is fully compatible with your Smart TV, link both to your router (WDMyCloud using lan, TV using lan or wifi) and you’re good to go…

Thanks for the idea, that makes total sense. 

My TV is actually not a smart TV, it’s a 3D Plasma but has connect share and Wi-Fi Direct functionality. I play movies with a USB or external HDD via connect share, just wanting to go wireless for everything now.

If your tv supports DLNA or cifs/samba, then wdmycloud is compatible with your tv. Do you already have wdmycloud? Can you stream media from your pc to the tv? Else check your tv manual or model spec website as it all depends on your tv capabilities…

Yes my TV supports DLNA and UPnP, it has been confirmed by Samsung. I think I’ll just have to get the My Cloud and see if they will connect wirelessly. 

Samsung adviced if it doesn’t connect, I’ll have to get a wireless dongle, then connect the TV to the router, and following your proposed method, it should work. 

Will post results once I have the My Cloud. 


As Tony mentioned above, My Cloud doesn’t connect wirelessly - but My Cloud connected by wire to the same LAN as your TV using wifi, should be able to serve media using DLNA server to the DLNA client of your TV. But My Cloud cannot directly connect to the TV wirelessly - My Cloud MUST BE connected by a wired connection to your network.