Does WD Live support USB 3.0 drives?


I have a WD USB3 1TB drive, I forget the model at the moment.

I’m thinking to get either a WD Live SMP or a WD Live +.

Do they both support USB 3.0?


It is not clear. Click here for details.

Wow - I read your thread and all the other related threads… what a mess.

Hard to believe a world wide company like WD is so bad at giving responses and status updates, but there it is.

Anyway, thanks for your response.

the good thing is now that you read all that, you could always purchase a SMP try it and see if yours is a lucky one.

if not return it and get a Live+. just keep in mind the stores return policy.

good luck!

I’m using a USB 3.0 WD HDD with mine. Works fine. My drive says its 2.0 compatible though…