Does WD live streaming player play m2t files in 1080i 50i format?

Does WD live streaming player play  m2t files in 1440 by 1080i 50i format from USB hardrive

I am new to this community thing and not sure how to post in correct place so correct me.

On search I can not find any clarity on this  and calling UK support was no help they said search and ask here.

I have used previous model of WD live player and it works fine with these files

All my own made films are in this format  for many years now as they come from camera into edit  so I do noy want to change format

m2t listed on glossy  2 page brochure on second page but not on support website list.

50i not listed either.

Has any one tried this

as need to specify for charity  use in hospitals for cancer patients

Checking the list of compatible file types it seems that is not compatible.

Thanks but the one said that and it plays did notice interlace lines the other day on faster moving images like a  water fall

although may be a TV issue as not sure I have seen this before when used and m2t are on wd glossy spec sheet