Does wd external hard drive contain acids?

my external hdd was dropped form back and stopped wworking. i opened it and tried to make it work for me but it doesnot. than i repacked it… and i put my fingers on my lips and affter that i am feeling not well… my tounge tastes like there was zinc or carbon powder in hdd… my stomach pains and i am feeling dizzy… and acidity started in my throat . please  answer me as soon as possible.

Dude, if you are not feeling well don’t ask for help in a forum, go to a doctor.

Sorry dude but I couldn’t help my self and I cracked so bad when I read the comment and then reply :laughing:

Hope you are feeling better…

Anyhow, you should not have any problems when touching a harddrive, I’ve have hdd’s for a while and haven’t had any problems like the one you mentioned.

thank  you… i opened many hard drives but internal… never opened external hdd. well i am fine now… =)

i unscrewed many hdds and broke their disks but it never hapened =p … well thank you…