Does WD Backup use Volume Shadow Copy?

I can’t find any information whether WD Backup that comes with external USB drives (like WD EasyStore) uses Volume Shadow Copy service on Windows. I can see mentioning of VSS for Arkeia backup that WD killed.

P.S. It also looks like WD Backup expands all hardlinks :frowning: That is quite a show stopper!

Hello, mlt

WD® backup software designs to backup the personal data i.e pictures, videos, PDF etc on the external hard drive. For more information please Contact WD® for Technical Support

This does not answer the question. If I start a backup process, and then I edit my PDF and/or videos, I’ll end up either backing up broken partially written files, or there will be a read failure if such files are open exclusively for writing by corresponding applications.

I’ll take it as a NO as in WD Backup is not VSS aware.