Does WD allow searching by chapter or time?

Please advice. Can’t seem to have this function.

No, you can’t search by time or by chapter. However, if you are playing a DVD, and you have all the video files in an ISO or in the VIDEO_TS directory (VOB files), you can have normal DVD navigation, and use the DVD’s own menu to go to a certain chapter (just like you would if you were playing the DVD on a stand alone player).

Yes, you CAN do chapters, at least in MKVs.   Just hit the OPTION button, select the CHAPTER icon, and pick which chapter you want.

You can do chapters in ISOs (and thus most likely VOBs) by pressing NEXT or PREV.

You can search by time

While playing press “FF” button then “NEXT” button each press = go forward 10 minuets.

And the same with “REV” button and “PREV” button for go backward 10 minuets.