Does USB wireless adapter work? What brand and model?

I was told by the salesperson at Fry`s that the USB wireless adapters would be too slow to work with the WD HD Media Player Plus that I bought.  Is this true?  I have Comcast Cable Internet that promises 12 MB download speeds but only delivers 2 MB on the best days using a NetGear Gigabyte high performance router.

You can use USB wireless adapters but they have to be on the approved WD list AND they have to be the exact firmware revision (which is also on the list).

The Live can play MOST HD quite successfully wireless, but it will choke if the bitrate is greater than 15mbps or so (which is about 5% of my blu-ray encoded materials).  If you are trying to play full blu-ray material (not compressed with Handbrake, say) then wired is the way to go.

Where would I find the approved list?   thanks for your help.

thanks again