Does this product work with OS X 10.7 Lion or is it still broken like the WDTV Live?

Has the new WDTV Life Streaming Media player been tested on OS X 10.7 Lion to make sure the shares are functional? Or is it behaving just like the old WDTV Live, where it says there is no media in the share?

(…) However, a big negative, in our view, is that the device cannot connect to Macs  running OS X Lion, the latest version of the Apple operating system.  With  Apple CEO Tim  Cook calling Lion its best-selling operating system yet, this could be an  issue for many Mac users.  Western Digital Public Relations Manager Steven  Johansson said a fix is currently in the works for this.

This is a real bummer. I don’t see how Lion STILL is not supported.  :(

Apparently, the easiest way to do this would be to update the code for SAMBA in their different firmwares.

SAMBA 3.6.1, that adds compatibility with the SMB implementation now used by Apple, has been released on October.

But updating the code isn’t automatic. It can, for instance, break compatibility with other components. It requires lots of careful beta-testing before it is mature.

Such delays are not unusual, especially as they work on other bugs and issues in the same time.

But every Mac sold now is installed with Lion.