Does this product actually work?

I purchased a 1tb mybooklive over a year ago and never got it to work except as a large hard drive with intermittent access. None of the features described in the marketing work. In fact, I can only access the user interface after installing the software and discovering the drive each time. What is more, there is a blinking icon indicating that the device is overheating or over capacity all the time (it is neither). I set up a couple of user directories but cannot access them as I do not have access authority – from any computer and any user. I have established a multitude of users with full access but I still get an invalid user access message.

I do not have any interest in writing software or redesigning the product, and don’t mean to offend those who enjoy such activities but I purchased an appliance (not something that I had to redesign) that was promised to provide backup storage with user directories that could be secure from other users.

My question is: has anyone ever purchased this product, walked through the installation software and had it work? Of course the next question is what did they do? If not, what does work?

And for the hacks that say it is user problem, that may very well be the case but I am on my third computer – formatted and installed clean. Multiple operating systems (windoze 7, linux and Mac) and get the same error message that I do not have authority to access the drive. I have no interest in investing hundreds (or even two) to learn to operate what should be a plug-and-minimally-adjust appliance.

This seems to be a marketing success and a technical failure.

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thanks. i will take that as one (more) vote as a solid no (which has the lead).

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