Does this drive actually autonomously sync to cloud (onedrive/Dropbox/etc?)

Does it connect to a network with Internet access and sync cloud service folders to the drive without having to be connected to a host (router or computer)?

I’d like to keep my drive contents in sync with Onedrive, and generally just use the drive as a network drive like the one I have hooked to my router via USB. I’d like it to self-sync with cloud though, and am looking for a drive to do that cheaper than a QNAP/Synology NAS option

No. It won’t self-sync to OneDrive, or any cloud storage.

It can access the internet via any hotspot or Wi-fi network you connect it to. But it needs a host of some sort to tell it to copy files to cloud storage, whether the host is a smart phone, PC, Mac, etc. But even that is a copy, not a sync, and it is a completely manual process.

If you are into modifying unix installations you may be able to get it to do what you want. Some people have tried similar, with some success. But it involves installing new applications on the UNIX system in the MPW, and considerable configuration changes. Very deep geekiness.

I don’t think the MPW is the product you need.

Rod, apt assessment.  I like your expression, “Very deep geekiness”.  Unfortunately, some folks who visit here seem to think even reading the user manual is very deep geekiness.  :dizzy_face: