Does this device support autoframerate selection?

The old WDTV Live has an option to set the tv refresh rate automatically according to the movie’s framerate.

Does this new device support the same functionality?

I could’nt find anything about in the user manual.

There is an ‘Auto’ setting, though it doesn’t say if that’s framrate, resolution, or both.

For the record, my old WDTV was very poor with 1080i/50 Blu-ray Disc rips, but so far the new model handles them all perfectly without the stuttering I got from the old player.

Steve W

Under the HDMI options there is an option to match video framerate.

@ radye

Can we have a Picture of this Setting you mean for the new WDTV Live Streamer?

Or anyone else?

Other people say it does NOT have this Menu Option to Match Framerate.

This option is only available if you select ‘Auto’.  If you select(for example) 1080p/24 it will not come up.

I really wish WD would include a simple Source Direct mode where video is output in its exact resolution and framerate.

Steve W