Does the WDTV Live take USB 3.0 devices?

Hi there

I have 2 quick questions regarding the WDTV Live. Firstly, are you able to connect external devices that are USB 3.0? I have a WD 1TB hard drive that is USB 3 with video files on it and I’m not sure if the media player will accept it.

Secondly, does the media player work with smart tv’s? I bought a Samsung smart tv last year and the media player didn’t work with it at the time but since then an update has been released and wanted to find out if it was worth moving the player from my simple lcd tv to the smart tv.




Yes, you should be able to do that. All the media player comes with USB 2.0 but the USB connection is backwards compatible.

What error were you getting? I have a LG smart tv and my old media player works great with it.