Does the WD TV Live SMP support wireless connection when not broadcasting SSID?

My WD TV Live SMP connects wirelessly to my LAN when I’m broadcasting the SSID.  But as soon as I stop broadcasting, the connection fails.  Does the device support a wireless connection when not broadcasting the SSID?

Yes, but you have to manually configure it.

It’s well known that hiding the SSID does not enhance security.

Thanks for the replies, got it working.  I’m using manual configuration but something went awry.  I had to delete the network and set it up again.

Yes, I’m aware that when clients probe for non-broadcasted networks, this can be detected.  But I believe it’s easier to whack a mole when it keeps its head up rather than when it’s popping up and down.

Heh…  An interesting metaphor. :slight_smile: