Does the WD TV Live power down?

I’m thinking of getting one of these but I’ve got an original WD TV and when it was turned “off” it wouldn’t power down.

The LED would go out but the device stayed warm and any hard drives plugged into it would stay on.

Has this been fixed in the WD TV Live?

The newer Lives and the Live Pluses have a totally different power structure to meet EU power requirements.

They do shut down “more completely”, but the downside is that they take longer to boot back up.

That’s a good sign. Does it power off connected HDs?

Bill_S wrote:

Actually, the reason it takes longer is because the Live Plus is completely powering off.  The Live doesn’t completely power off, and it was causing power to continue to any external drives connected.  This was causing issues with external drives not being able to go into sleep mode, or to power off.  So, now, the Live Plus boots up when you turn it on, and it does take longer to come up than the Live does.

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      Guy_K wrote:

All WDTVs (Live Plus, Live, and Gen 2) manufactured now completely shut off like this. It’s an EuP compliance requirement. There is no workaround - it simply takes longer to boot up than it does to wake up from standby. The firmware with DVD nav takes about ten seconds longer to boot up than firmware without it because there are many new modules that have to be loaded.

WD says it does… I don’t have one myself, to know for sure. :wink:

Just for clarity, Bill’s post that is quoted was from before this was added to the Lives.  Like GuyK says, after WD changed over the power system, all WDTVs shut down.  So if you buy an old one, it may or it may not, depending on when it was manufactured… if you buy a new one, it will.