Does the WD TV Live Hub support VC-1 Format?

Hi, Does the WD TV Live Hub Support videos that are in the uncompressed VC-1 Format? Thanks

If it were uncompressed, it wouldn’t be VC-1.

But, as the specifications indicate:

WMV9/VC-1 MP@HL up to 1280x720p60 or 1920x1080p24 resolution.

VC-1 AP@L3 up to 1920x1080i30, 1920x1080p24 or 1280x720p60 resolution

is supported.

Thanks for the info! Does the WD TV Live Hub support uncompressed blu-ray rips?

Nothing does.  Not even Bluray players.

Uncompressed Blu-rays are over 1 terrabyte in size, and would require over 1 gigabit per second bit rate.

Now, if you’re asking if the Hub will play unMODIFIED Blu-ray rips, the answer is, “sometimes.”

It depends on how they were authored.   The WD has no problem with the MEDIA per se, but if the studio did funky things with the ordering of the M2TS files (and many of them do), the Hub will not play them in the correct ORDER, and you’ll get things like only portions of the movie, or a movie that starts at the end, or whatever.

But there’s easy fixes for that…