Does the wd tv live 2011 generation3

I want to know if the new wd tv live generation 3 can play the ENTIRE MENU of an untouched bluray iso file or it plays ONLY the movie as the two previews wd tv live(Gen1 & gen2) do?

If it can’t this is a MAJOR DISAVANTAGE for a 2011 hd media player and to what product western digital can play the bluray untouch iso files menu only at wd tv live hub and to no other media product?

Why is that?

None of the WDs support BD Menus.

Not even the wd tv live hub?

None of the wd products has bd menu support?

Why is that?

Because they are written in Java. And because ppl usually rip main movie(s) only so a menu would be pointless.

Techflaws wrote:

Because they are written in Java.

The Bluray Menu navigation, that is, not the WDs.  :)