Does the WD TV HD upscale during playback?


I was wondering, does this media player upscale (or downscale) the video during playback because my television only supports 480p and 1080i

So, for example, if i want the player to play in 1080i and i was playing a 720p MKV file, would the player upscale or would it change the video output to 720p.

In addition, how well does this player support subtitles?

Thank you!

It outputs whatever you tell it to, regardless of the file details or frame rate.

If you tell it to output on NTSC composite, then it doesn’t matter whether the file is 480/24, 480/30, 720/24, 720/30, 1080/24…  it will just do any downscaling and frame rate conversions necessary to output what it’s asked to.

So, if you set it to 1080i/30, then it will just output at 1080i/30, regardless of what’s in the file – it will do any upscaling/frame-rate conversions to make sure that it’s outputting at 1080i/30.