Does the WD SmartWare needs to run all the time?

Hi. I use WD SmartWare (not Pro, just the free version) to do my backups to WD My Cloud. I also use WD Quick View, which is running at all times. WD SmartWare is set up to continuous back up (i.e. monitoring my drives and copying files over when new files are added etc.). 

Does it have to be running all the time for that or maybe WD Quick View controls the backups somehow? If SmartWare needs to run at all times, is there any way of minimizing it to system tray rather than to the taskbar?

It’s really annoying that the icon just sits there… I like my taskbar to be tidy!


Smartware will run continuously in the background as a service, but no the app GUI itself doesn’t need to be open all the time.

Once installed it will set itself up to do that, so you only need to open the actual app GUI if you want to start/edit./stop the configuration for the backup itself. Your taskbar can be nice and tidy :wink:

Many thanks for the prompt reply, appreciate it!