Does the update fix the data loss problem?

Sorry for wanting to confirm this, but when I hear the words “data loss” it makes me kind of paranoid…

If I’ve already installed the “WD SmartWare Version 1.3.6 for Mac 10.5-10.9” update, I am now completely safe?  Are there any other updates or other steps I should take?

I’ve installed this update, but since finding out about this problem, after booting I go to Activity Monitor and manually the two smartware processes that I see. Is this a good idea. (I’m curious here… what do these processes do and what benefits, if any, do I miss out on by not having these running).

Also I try to keep all my WD externals disconnected to the extent possible. This is kind of inconvenient. 

I’ve also been afraid to connect my Time Machine drive, and am overdue for a backup. 

So I’m hoping that someone else knows enough about what is going on to confirm that I’m “safe” now if I’ve installed the update.

Thanks in advance!

I know there are quite a few other threads about the data loss bug. I apologize if my questions were already answered in one of them. I did spend time looking through them first, and if I missed it I’m sorry. 

Yes, we need to know if the update fixes all the problems. You (western digital) needs to put a banner on top of this forum telling us when its safe to use the software.

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