Does the player recognize folder.jpg?

It seems like the only way that the player will recognize jpgs in the folders is to set the jpg filename to be the same as the video file.  I updated today to the latest pre release firmware and folder.jpgs are still not recognized.

Does it recognize folder.jpgs?  And if so, is it just local support?

I am not using beta firmware but the Live has always recognized folder.jpg as the thumbnail icon for the folder it is in.  This works for local drives as well as net shares and NAS.

Make sure your image is not larger than 70K.   If necessary, delete the small WD file/folder on any local USB drive attached.

It has to be that size?  All of my jpgs will be greater than that

Then you will need to make them smaller.

It’s of some debate as to the actual “largest size” but it’s clear that if it’s much larger than 100K it will not work.  (My largest that do work are around 80-85K).

Andy_D wrote:

It has to be that size?  All of my jpgs will be greater than that

All my thumb jpg’s are around 133K in size (and around 333*500 in dimension, give or take), and they show perfectly without problems.

I have experienced one issue, though (which happens with small thumbs too), and it is that the CACHED thumbs, that the Live creates, sometimes get overwritten by zeros in one or more sectors (and only for newly created thumbs combined with power cycling; its is not a disk issue, it is a bug). The cure is simple: Locate the cached thumbs in .wd_tv\thumbs and delete them, powercycle the Live, then they will be recreated next time you view the page with the thumb.

The overwritten thumb caches, that requires deletion, are easily identified as they won’t show up when browsing the movies. 

All this is with a USB connected drive.