Does the phone display have to be on the whole time uploading? And 2 other Q's I hope you can help with


Just got the MyPassport wireless pro and have downloaded the app onto my Android phone.

I have set it all up to auto back-up over wi-fi etc. and am currently in the process of uploading 8000 pics & vids.

The countdown notification bar of ‘xxx of 8000 items backed up to MyPassport’ appears but I notice when I leave the phone and it goes to its sleep screen, it seems to stop uploading? Or does the countdown just stop working and it actually does keep uploading in the background?

The only way around this would be to keep my phone display on the whole time to ensure the upload, but surely you don’t need to do that and it will keep uploading my big 8000 pics/vids?

Other things I can’t quite work out:

Sync Interval in the app - it’s auto set on 3 min, but what does this mean? Is this why it stops uploading? Should I change it to the 120min option?

Auto-upload or need to switch on device? - As I have the app on auto-upload, does this mean that when I take new pics from now on, it will auto-upload when I am on Wi-Fi and when I switch on the MyPassport (which I won’t always have on me - it will be kept at home) it will start the upload process? Or will it only auto-upload when I switch the device on and connect my phone to it’s Wi-Fi?

Hope someone can help!



Hi ben1,

Auto Backup feature in My Cloud mobile app allows you to backup all the photos and videos on your My Passport Wireless pro device. But data transfer (auto backups) will pause if the screen is locked or the app goes into the background. It needs to ON the screen of mobile phone in order to complete the upload process.

You can refer this KBA for further details.