Does the newest HD Live Plus firmware eliminate the MP4 audio sync issues?

I just bought mine tonight at Best Buy and I’m sorely disappointed by the audio sync issues with MP4 files with its out-of-the-box firmware. I remuxed one of my MP4s into an MKV and it seemed to work better, but I don’t want to have to do this every time I’d like to watch a movie.

could someone possibly answer my question?

How about you UPGRADE and find out for yourself and tell US the answer.

I’ve heard that updating usually just causes more problems.

The problem with online forums is people only tend to come and post if they have problems. People don’t tend to come online to say “everything is great”. I got my first Live Plus 7 months ago, and have done every single update. The only problem I ever noticed/had was with the Hulu Plus app this last update which is probably related to the app, not the device. I would try the update as Tony says and see what happens. You can always rollback.

Not true. You have to remember that only people with problems post here.

I usually try the new firmware update, then I judge for myself if I want to keep it or not. If the new firmware has a problem that you cannot live with, It is pretty easy to roll back the firmware.

Edit: mu51c10rd posted his response quicker than I did, but we were both thinking the same thing. :smiley:

For me there never has been an audio sync issue with MP4’s.  And I have used all versions of firmware since the original.

But of course I know exactly how all my MP4’s were created because I ripped them from the orginal DVD’s (which I still own BTW).

Maybe you should post the text output from mediainfo for a file you are having audio synch issues with and see if anyone can see a problem. (

Scandy wrote:

If the new firmware has a problem that you cannot live with, It is pretty easy to roll back the firmware.

Just to be “that guy”…

That’s only true 99.9% of the time.  Since you need the actual files to rollback to, and up to this point WD has never provided files for the original versions, you can only ever roll back as far as the first firmware update released, and thus rollbacks are only an option for the second firmware release, onwards.

Sure, in this case, if the OP upgraded to 1.06.15, there are currently 7 rollback options provided by WD (and a few earlier firmwares can be found, if you look hard enough), but to my knowledge no WD box can be rolled back to how it originally shipped.

Ok, semantics over. :wink: