Does the NAS 400 8TB work with WD media player live Plus

Hey guys does the Seagate NAS 400 8TB or 12TB work and confirmed to work with the WD media live plus player at firware 1.03.29_B???    IF it does is there any issues and what is the proper set up???  I understand that the WD media player excepts only 2TB with firmware 1.03.29_B and if you hook it up through a NAS is that still the case??? Im Not interested in updating the fimware.

The limitation of 2 TB drives are only for drives that needs to be connected to the USB ports of the WD TV, a NAS does not have this limitation.

thank you for your reply…  I signed in at a different address by mistake sorry anyway…  Does anyone on this forum have a Nas 400 seagate 8TB  connected to the western digital media player plus with firmware 1.03.29_B??? 

 IF so I just want to know the set up before I think of purchasing a NAS in the future…  My understanding is the NAS is suppose to be connected to your router/modem (my case SMCD3GN) by Ethernet cable and the output Ethernet cable should be connected to your computer??? or the western digital media player Ethernet port???  I think you can do this  only if a computer is turned on if I’m correct when playing a movie…  I would prefer to use local hard wire and not go wireless…  My router/modem is in room “A” and my computer and WD media player is in Room “B”

and when this is connected I have to choose Network Shares on the western digital media menu to play the folder???

Note.   Not interested in updating my device I like my current firmware

I don’t have a Seagate, but I have two QNAP NASs, both with 8TB of storage…

Your NAS will be connected to a switch port (part of most routers these days)…   I’m not sure what you mean by “Output” ethernet cable.

Yes, you would access it via Network Shares (or potentially Media Server, depending on how you want to do it.)  

thanks for your quick reply tony,  can you be more specific and break it down in detail on the hook up ??? so  the NAS would have to be connected to my computer??? what is next for me to make it talk to the WD media player ??? Forgive me I have no experience hooking a NAS up and don’t have full understanding with this…   My router/modem is in room “A”  so I presume that’s where the NAS should be set up and my WD media player and computer is in room “B” . 

And you said it can be set up for Network shares or Media server so what is the difference and what is better for me to do without any major issues???  I need to be 100% accurate and confident on how to do this before I spent big bugs on a 8 or 12 tb NAS.

No, the NAS would be connected to the same network your WD is connected to.  It doesn’t matter what room things are in, as long as they’re all connected via a common LAN.

IMHO, if you’re troubled on how to set up a network, a NAS is probably not the best choice for you.   Setting up a proper network is a piece of cake compared to the intricacies of setting up and operating a NAS…  

tony, thank you for your reply again I have a little bit more understanding now.  I may not have a choice in the near future but to purchase a NAS.   I have way too many external hard drives and it’s getting kind of messy and knowing that the WD has issues with a hub set up.    I guess I can always buy a NAS from Best Buy and try it out for a couple of weeks and If I feel there is issues with it or  I really get confused of the general operation of it with the WD media player I can return the NAS in 30 days of purchase…   Maaaannnnn I’m going to have to run a very very long network cable from one room to another to connect it to my WD what a pain that is …   Anyway I appreciate your help on this

Hey just out of curiousity this is my last question. do you have any issues with your QNAP NAS set up to your WD???  you mentioned that thumnail issue on your FAQ section on networking issues. THat must be a Great set up…

I’ve never had a problem with the QNAPs.    The discussion about thumbnails applies to *ALL* NASes, not brand specific.  

But there’s a known workaround if the issue affects you.

I just ordered a pogoplug series 4 which is basically a mini NAS that has 2 USB 3.0 ports a SATA port and a USB 2.0 port. I have not yet received it, but when I do the first thing I will do is connect it to my WD tv live plus and post the results for those of you looking for a easy NAS sulution. In the mean time I think it might be a good idea to look it up and see what you think.

 hey “carlhxphn”  if you can post your results that would be great ,  when approximately are you going to get that set up I need a NAS in the next 2 months I’m running out of space???  so your only going to set up the nas directly to the WD media player by cable and not wireless right???  The reason why I want to know this so bad is the fact that I’m  NOT going to be using a usb connection anymore which was great for me with NO problems at all.   I want to know if  you connect the WD by network instead of usb will there be any audio drop outs, playback issues or data transferring speeds issues.  My external hard drives are at 2.0 usb and 5400 and 7200rpm speed and I’m assuming if a NAS is brought into the picture with a speed of lets say 5400 rpm using a network cable instead of usb is that the same???

keep in mind the Pogoplug will not show as a network share out of the box. I have a pink v1 and needed to get help to install samba on it.