Does the My Cloud fix the "mediacrawler" problem (never sleep)?

Hi everyone,

I have a 3-year-old My Book Live 3TB and it is being filled up so I am considering buying a new drive. I am generally happy with the MBL except the fact that whenever I turned on the mobile access, the MBL never sleeps. I discovered that this is because a deamon process called mediacrawler will be generatiing thumbnails when there are photos loaded in the drive. I have tons of photos and it will take months to complete the thumbnail generation by the tiny embeded CPU in the MBL, which is totally unacceptable to me. Other NAS vender such as Synology provides tools to let users’ PC do the photo indexing and thumbnail generation, which really saves a lot of time. Could anyone tell me whether WD offers a better solution for the photo sharing with the My Cloud family than with the My Book Live? Any info will be much appreciated!

Interesting. I was not aware Synology offered such tools in order to better control certain features.


No it does not.  In fact My Cloud has at least two daemons running that together are responsible for doing something similar on the My Cloud.  Nevermind your drive not sleeping - more importantly you’d be stuck with poor file transfer performance on large data transfers.  I finally disabled the daemons that do this work and for the time being am content to use the NAS without those features.  If Synology offers a comparable software tool that does a better job (i.e. giving the user more control over when the scanning is run) then you’d be better off going that route.  Maybe WD will make some improvements and maybe they won’t.  Right now I’d go with another product.