Does the Live Hub bitstream 24bit/96khz Audio Files

I have some 24bit/96khz FLAC files that I want to put on the Hub.  Will the Hub bitstream the audio (untouched) to my receiver or will it downsample first?  I have the audio set up to bitstream to my receiver and the Hub is connected to the receiver via HDMI.  However, I have read that the WDTV Live and Live Plus downsampled 24bit/96khz audio.

The currently released firmware downsamples it to 48KHz. We’ve fixed this bug in the firmware that’s being tested, so the fix may eventually reach users as part of a firmware update.

Thank you!!!  That would be a welcome addition to the Hub, especially with the recent news that digital distributors, including Apple, are considering offering 24bit downloads.

Will the firmware be updated(not to downsample 24bit/96khz) on the WD TV Live as well as the Hub.