Does the Hub have issues with VC-1 files in an MKV container?

I am having stutter issues with certain mkv’s (full rip with makemkv).

My test file is The Matrix, it plays fine on a popcorn a210 and my pc but is all over the place on the Hub. I have tried internal storage and via an external hdd connected by usb. I do not stream files.

I have tested different frame rate settings but have had no luck. Is there a known issue with VC-1 files? I ran a test with a mpeg4 file in mkv and have had no issues with playback.

I am using firmware 2.07.17 (the latest two firmwares cause my Hub to bring up the orange arrow, so I stuck with the last working firmware).

Any one have any experience with this, or perhaps could offer some advice?

Many thanks


There should be no issues with MKV files encoded in VC-1.  You may try a different transcoder, you can also post a Media Info of a couple of your MKV:  How to find information about WD TV and Elements Play media files.  You may as well send this to WD by email so they can take a look at it.

Yeah mine plays full bluray rips in MKV with VC-1 video completely uncompressed perfectly from internal storage and streaming off my NAS. I havent tried it with an external hard drive but that should also work. The only thing i can think of causing the stuttering could be the encoding, so maybe fiddle with that.

No, there’s no issue with VC-1.

You may want to try a different program for your encoding. 

Either MKVtoolnix (mkvmerge) for 1:1, or Handbrake for compressed.