Does the EX4 have an internal memory where it stores configuration and installed apps?

If I were to remove all the drives, I presume it would continue to function through the dashboard, so it must have something. But does it store the installed apps and their data there too? Or does it put that onto one of the installed HDDs? I’m particularly interested in MyPHP and the SQL Databases.

It is all kept within the separate storage unit used for the OS and settings. The hard drives are only used for storage.

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I guessed that would be the case; it makes most sense. But I wanted confirmation.

Someone should probably tell phone support, as the guy I spoke to earlier thinks its stored on rive 1.


Does the configuration include users and share info? After replacing all four 2TB drives with 4TB drives (one at a time sequentially) I still a have a 4TB RAID. I want to rebuild my existing RAID10 to 8TB to use full capacity of the drives instead of creating a spanned volume. I know I lose all my data in doing so, but will I lose users, shares, SSH remote backup settings, etc?

I’m hoping to use a single external USB 4TB drive to transfer all the data from the RAID, then rebuild the RAID 10 to full 8TB size, and then transfer the data back with space to spare in the new RAID. But if I have to rebuild user names, passwords, shares, etc. That’s a major pain. What happens to users, passwords, SSH configuration, etc., when I rebuild an existing RAID 10 to take advantage of the higher capacity drives?

BTW, I read the manual about switching RAID configurations and it does not answer this question.